Saturday, August 15, 2009

snail for you

(first, a verse occurs)

I am sending home with you one of our beloved syrendell snails!

You have seen the verses I have been posting on my blog, some I have written (like the verse for joey), some from Steiner, and others. It is a Waldorf tradition to write poetry - anyone can be a poet if you have something wonderful to inspire you!

Write a verse about someone you love, venerate, admire, or are inspired by.

Email your submission to It must be your original work. I will read them, post all of them by next Saturday, and choose one poet to send the snail to!

Happy verse writing!!


Hallie said...

How exciting! I'm sending mine to you now! :)

Sally said...

for a try at a syrendell snail, foe the chance at something new, for an opportunity to bring the image of appreciation to a loved one -- I will merrily join you!

suzanne said...

The man I admire has got to be the Father of Waldorf, Rudolph Steiner.
His education is an inspiration.
Our family is thriving,happy and smiling...

Thank you Rick for starting your blog.

Warm regards

Angela said...

beautifuly little snails! I'm no poet, but my girls and I thought we'd all try our hand and e-mail you some verses. Thanks for the giveaway!