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summer teacher program

course description at-a-glance

The Summer Waldorf Teacher Training Program is a four summer program designed for students who have other obligations during the year whereby the five-week summer session allows for some flexibility. The program emphasizes a practical approach to allow students who may be Waldorf teachers to apply the knowledge in their classrooms. The program balances the course schedule with self-knowledge inner work, which is key to the Waldorf principle. Go visit Rudolf Steiner College online for more information, or if you are in the Fair Oaks area, you ought to visit the campus in person - good vibes there!

The program schedule is grouped into FOUNDATION COURSES and PEDAGOGICAL COURSES. (The courses in blue are the ones I took.)


I. The Path of Self-Knowledge

Rudolf Steiner's Autobiography PSY400

Nature of the Human Being PSY400
Inner Work PSY400
Biography PSY400

II. An Introduction to Waldorf Education

Intro to Grades Curriculum EDU400

III. Epistemology and Phenomenology

Anthroposophy and The Philosophy of Freedom PHIL410
Phenomenology SCI400

IV. Self-Transformation through the Arts

Wet Method Painting
Handwork Personal Studio
Personal Studio Portfolio

Veil Painting
Handwork Curriculum
Handwork Around the World

Handwork Around the World

Eurythmy and Practice Log
Singing and Practice Log
Recorder Assessment and Practice Log

Movement and Spatial Dynamics
Singing and Recorder Assessment

Movement and Spatial Dynamics
Singing and Recorder Assessment

V. Topics in Anthroposophy

Three-Fold Social Order SOC400
Cosmology PHIL403
Karma and Reincarnation PHIL404
Christology PHIL405


I. The Philosophical Foundations and Epistemology of Waldorf Education

Knowledge of the Human Being EDU500
Inner Development of the Teacher EDU501
School, Community, and Individual EDU502

II. The Artistic Approach in the Practice of Teaching

The Time Arts (Speech, Drama, Music, Movement) EDU503

The Visual Arts EDU504
Wood Carving, Form Drawing GR1-3, Clay Modeling, (Summer1)
Wood Carving, Clay Modeling (Summer2)
Painting, Clay, Music (Summer3)
Nature Drawing, Choir, Coppersmithing (Summer4)

III. Curriculum Development, Differentiation, Delivery

Waldorf Pedagogy for the Early Years EDU505
Art of the Main Lesson
Fairy Tales, Myths, and Legends
Art of the Main Lesson Book
Grades 1-3 Math
Grades 1-3 Language Arts

Waldorf Pedagogy for the Golden Years
Grades 4-5 Math
Grades 4-5 Language Arts
Grades 4-5 Local Geography and History
Grades 4-5 Human and Animal

Waldorf Pedagogy for the Middle School (6-8)
Language Arts
Physiology and Anatomy

Field Experience EDU508

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MamaRose said...

I have to let you know how great I think it is that you have chosen to follow your heart! It take's a lot of courage to change course. I too want to become a Waldorf teacher in the near future. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures!