Friday, July 31, 2009

verse for joey

a poem for my daughter

A Waldorf tradition, the individual verse is written by the teacher for the student near the beginning of the year (starting in 2nd grade to the 6th grade, thereafter a verse is chosen from classical literature). The words reflect the teacher's wish for the child's development, or to praise the strengths of the child, or to give encouragement and lift a struggling child. The individual verse can be written by anybody, for anybody, wishing to convey in a poetic and artisitic way the thoughts and feelings you want to share. I wrote the following verse for my daughter Joey, who is going to a Girl Scout camp for a few days. See you in a couple of days, Joey!

She crafts with the hands
Of a learned soul
Brilliant fibers
With colors so bold.

She strums the guitar
While her heart sings
Musical verse
On Calliope’s wings.

Her gifts are many
Blessed are we
A family full of joy
And happiness a plenty.

She is my daughter
My wonderful girl
Bringing truth and love
To this great world.

Though you may be
Far from my sight
My spirit walks with you
And tucks you in at night.

Go and discover
Mountains to climb
Good, brave child
Daughter of mine.


Tan Family said...

What a special verse for Joey. I'm sure that she enjoyed reading it on her way to camp! :)

Lisa said...

Rick, what a beautiful verse for such a beautiful child. Your family blows me away on a daily basis! Such a unity made of wonderfully creative individuals. I love this idea and will work on a verse for my oldest, Fauna. Thank you for sharing this.