Wednesday, August 17, 2011

pregnant mommy

jennifer at thirty-three weeks

and laughs
and loves
her tummy
baby bumps around
moves her limbs, stretching
within her warm, fluid home
growing everyday, growing big
mommy radiates goddess nature
the giver of life, nurturer of soul
strong, healthy, spirit-filled
beautiful mommy

five spheres ecourse

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If you are interested in knowing more about the Five Spheres of Waldorf Education, I have a five week ecourse available through our friends at Little Acorn Learning. The first online seminar began this week, but it is not too late to sign up!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

lakes, trees, and volcanoes

family time at lassen volcanic park

This summer, the Tans were busy with our own individual endeavors. Jennifer was director of a two-week summer camp at Davis Waldorf School. Ricky spent one week at a music camp at University of the Pacific and another week at ID Tech camp at Sac State. Joey spent two weeks with River City Dance Company learning a variety of dances. Wilson sculpted in clay a mug and a castle at the Davis Art Center. I was at Steiner College in Fair Oaks for a five week teacher training. At the end of July, when all the camps ended, we came together and went to Lassen Volcanic Park for camp of the set-up-a-tent, build-a-fire, hike-up-a-volcano, kayak-on-a-lake, roast-a-marshmallow variety.

The picture above is Summit Lake where we camped nearby, kayaked, and swam.