Friday, August 21, 2009

last day of give-away

submit your verse today!

Today is the last day for submitting a verse for a chance to receive one of our syrendell snails. Click here for details on the give-away. Tomorrow, I will post the submissions, and announce the person whom I will send the snail to.

This is a verse I wrote for my instructor, Astrid Schmitt-Stegmann, who is a wonderful speaker, writer, and teacher (her assignment to us was to write a verse for a second grader, so I chose her, imagined as a young child, before her academic achievements in comparative literature and oration):

She warmly welcomes
the misty morn
"guten morgen"
her day is born
oh how the world churns
in God's hands
she sees beauty and grace
throughout the land
she searches deep
within her heart
no words yet
to describe this Art
soon I know
with voice and pen
her words will flow
again and again

1 comment:

MamaRose said...

Wow Rick, such a lovely verse! Sounds as if you have a way with words as well.