Wednesday, August 12, 2009

verse for my mom and dad

abundant love and generosity

Mom and Dad leave on an Alaskan cruise this weekend. Driving first through Oregon and then to Washington, they board the Norwegian Star from a port in Seattle. Have fun, you young'uns!

My kids, their grandkids, call them Lola and Lolo, Tagalog for grandmother and grandfather.

In Waldorf, we are always focused on our children. But the continuum of life encompasses our parents. The spectrum of the developing soul, if indeed it follows the path of transformation, must culminate at a highly enlightened state within our elders. So today I decided to write a verse for my parents.

from the philippines to america

from a place of a thousand islands
two souls fall in love
he a duck farmer's son
and she of noble blood

in chivalric knightly fashion
he rises to become a doctor
she sees his handsome face
his gallantry and ardor

in true love they marry
in secret their union made
three children soon are born
the provinces they lived and played

a quest for a better life
prompts a journey across the pacific
to the united states of america
chicago, illinois, to be specific

another son is born
a celebration of togetherness
the american dream on the horizon
to california's wilderness

another son is born
a family of seven
one amazing woman
and six males in heaven

creating a joyful home
where the children learn and grow
through respect, love, and trust
spirits shine and goodness flows

from the philippines to america
their history is written here
two souls who fell in love
and five sons who love them dear.

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Tan Family said...

Beautiful verse...your parents will love this.