Sunday, August 30, 2009

mahatma gandhi

spiritual leaders at syrendell

Creating wood toys for our Syrendell Etsy shop has been a rewarding experience. For me, the creative process of working with wood is quite satisfying. For the families who own our wooden sprites and streamer wands, they are enjoying the natural beauty of handcrafts. And certainly, the toys can also be educational. But can they also have a spiritual nature?

Mother Teresa joined us at Syrendell as one of the first of a series of wood figurines I called the Leaders of Peace. Mahatma Gandhi is our latest addition to the Syrendell family. I had to carve his distinctive steel-rimmed spectacles and prominent ears! He wears the traditional Indian dhoti. He holds his hands as if in prayer or as if ready to help. I wanted the piece to express a sense of reverence and meditative quality, capturing what it may have been like to be in his presence in his efforts for world peace.


Anonymous said...

Just discovered you blog -wonderfully inspiring! We love the Gandhi, do you have one for purchase? Shari

Rick Tan III said...

HI Shari, Thank you for visiting my blogsite - please enjoy my earlier blogposts and more to come! I will soon have Ghandi listed in our Etsy shop ( - please visit our shop, you can leave us a "convo" and I can make you a custom order for Ghandi. Have a wonderful weekend! Rick

Jen said...

He's absolutely GORGEOUS, Rick! I am definitely going to order one to go along with my beautiful Mother Teresa. Both my sister and I are enjoying our beautiful figurines. Mother Teresa brings me a sense of peace when I gaze at her during our homeschooling time (she sits right on the homeschooling bookshelf) and reminds me to always be patient and loving ("slow down" I can almost hear her say)'re such a gifted artist!