Thursday, August 13, 2009

syrendell snails

handcrafted critters on etsy

Through our Syrendell shop at, my wife Jennifer and I, and our children as well, are able to share with many families throughout the world our creative endeavors. It is an exhilarating feeling knowing that there are children playing with our syrendell sprites in Africa, streamer wands in Cananda, and syrendell snails in Sweden! The energy of handmade toys, especially if made with natural materials such as poplar, Stockmar paints, and beeswax, resonates with our inner spirits, as experienced through our sense of touch. (I'll do another blog post that features Jennifer's naturally-dyed silk scarves!)

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Jen said...

Hi Rick! We just LOVE our snail, Snooks :) The girls & I are in the process of making bean bags for first grade and I couldn't find one of them - lo and behold, Snooks was sleeping on it in the Eco-Twig house :) We might have to purchase a buddy for Snooks someday!