Thursday, July 9, 2009

verse transformed

using soul-speak to interpret the verse

Without changing every word and line, I inserted the language of theosophy to perhaps get a new picture of the verse. It goes like this:

Surrendering to the senses’ revelation
My sentient soul washes me of my human desire
My intellectual soul vaporizes reason
Mystifies me, emptying my I of my spirit self
Now, cosmic intuition, through heightened awareness
Streams forth to fill my consciousness soul

Essentially, through the three embodiments of the soul: the sentient soul (the feeling), the intellectual soul (the thinking), and the consciousness soul (the intuitive), we get a progression of how higher thought processes - intuitiveness - comes to us by modulating our sense perceptions and our logical thinking. In this way, we become more receptive to the intuitions as given from the spiritual world.

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