Friday, July 24, 2009

king quercus

a nature story

Once there was a beautiful kingdom ruled by a mighty and wise king named King Quercus. King Quercus wore a golden green crown, and was loved throughout the land, for he ruled with goodness in his heart. His kingdom had magnificent rolling hills with wildflowers, camellia shrubs, and many streams, but there were no trees.

The people of the kingdom had no shade in hot summers, no place for children to climb and play, and no place for birds to build nests.

This made King Quercus sad, so one evening he decided to ask the royal wizard to cast a spell on him.

In the morning, when the kingdom had awaken, King Quercus was nowhere to be found. But in the castle courtyard, there stood a mighty tree. The people gathered around the tree and began to sing and dance. The children laughed and played. The birds built their nests among its branches, and even squirrels started to collect the acorns.

A child pointed to the highest branch of the mighty tree, and there, glistening in the sun, was the golden green crown of King Quercus.

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Jen said...

Gave me chills, Rick! LOVE this! Very creative and such a positive message, too :)