Saturday, July 25, 2009

nestling visitor

the joys of nature

We had a reprieve in the yardwork this Saturday morning. Amidst the raking, and pick-axeing, pruning, and planting, a baby bird just hopped into Rabbie and Navy's home. We knew there were many birds in the trees and shrubs all around, but it was a welcome surprise to see a nestling visit us from some mysterious roost nearby! My first thought was that its parents must be worried, as it was so small and awkward, with downy feathers, and clearly unable yet to fly.

We had even created a box full of soft foliage for it to lay in, but it hopped right out. I held it in my hand, felt its steady heartbeat, felt its chest move when it chirped, looked into its big, inky eyes. It almost fell asleep in the warmness of my hand.

Adult birds would chirp around us and the nestling would respond. Perhaps it did not need us after all. I set it down near where we had first encountered it, into the ivy and lemon balm. Soon thereafter, I caught a glimpse of the adult bird hop over to it, then it began to hop away, with the baby bird following along right behind the adult bird!

I will miss baby bird, I think it liked our family, but its spirit would soar higher with its fellow birds, and I am happy for that.

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