Friday, July 3, 2009

eternal truth

a thought-flow poem by me

The fact that it is 3 AM
And I am not yet in bed
Is evidence that
There will never be
Enough hours in the day.

And this is an Eternal Truth.

The fact that every human
Thus far as we know
Has to go
Much to our dismay
Back to pure mineral and decay.

And this is an Eternal Truth.

While the human being remains
On this earth to roam freely
With high cortical distinction
Yet progress unresponsibly
Without a drastic change
Head towards extinction.

And this is the Eternal Truth.

Atoms will always be around.
Organisms will propagate.
I will have an infinite stream of thought.
Love is boundless.
Truth will always be truth.

Eternity without quality will last forever.

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