Wednesday, July 8, 2009

spiritual exercises

for your transformation

From Rudolf Steiner's Start Now! A Book of Soul and Spiritual Exercises, in the chapter called Living the Year Spiritually, Steiner offers passages for you to reflect on as a means of transforming your self to higher levels of consciousness. He has passages for each day of the week, for every week of the year, by zodiac sign, and by festivals.

This is the verse for the fourteenth week after Easter (July 7-13):

Surrendered to the senses' revelation,
I lost my own being's drive.
My thoughts became a dream.
Numbing me, they seemed to rob me of my self.
But cosmic thinking in the senses' glory
already approaches to awaken me.

Our theosophy class instructor asked us to ponder on it, and on Friday, we are to present some kind of image or a poem or reflective writing. I will sleep on it tonight and tomorrow, I will work on the passage, giving it some thought. As you read the short verse, develop your own thoughts, interpretations, and insights. If you find it meaningful in some way to your life, then I am glad to have shared it with you!

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