Friday, July 10, 2009

motive force

family and love of teaching

My wife and youngest visited me at Rudolf Steiner College for a picnic during lunch. They were about ten minutes early and I happened to be outside near a tree with an assignment I needed to complete for class. The instructor had asked us to reflect on theosophy and what we had gathered in the past week. I was closing my eyes, forming my thoughts, when a voice called out across the lawn, "Hi, Daddy!"

I opened my eyes and Wilson was running towards me. I bent down and we hugged and I gave him a kiss. Jennifer followed behind him with a picnic basket, and I told them that I still had ten minutes of class time left, and I needed to finish my assignment. So, Wilson and Jennifer strolled over to a nearby table where the handwork students were displaying dolls and felted shoes they had made.

I returned to my assignment, and I realized how synchronous it was that my son had called me just when I was reflecting on what I was learning about myself and the soul. It became evident to me what I needed to put down on paper. In theosophy I was learning that the human being is powered by both the elements of our physical world and the spirit world. Through conscious intention, by raising our sense awareness, by being open to the intuitive forces coming down from the spirit world, we become transformed and elevated as individuals. A higher consciousness leads to action that is meaningful for the self and for the world. But an important element is the motivating force that calls one to action. For me, it was my love of teaching and my family.

I wrote down that my consciousness was clearly aware that my family is at the heart of me, dwelling within me, inspiring my Spirit Self. I believe I can exist as Rick the human form, but I would not exist as Rick the soul force without the love of my family.


Tan Family said...

Oh...very sweet. :) We really enjoyed seeing you today! Wilson was so proud of his crocheted bookmarker that he made for you so that you can use it with your "college books". We love visiting you on campus.

Melisa & Erik Nielsen said...

I have been following your wife's blog when I can, but a friend recently sent me to yours! I am very blessed to have found it, wonderful Sunday afternoon reading.

You both have done a wonderful job writing and raising your beautiful children. I am fortunate to know you.

Many blessings.

Melisa Nielsen