Saturday, March 6, 2010

wool and watercolor

workshop at syrendell

At Syrendell in lovely Fair Oaks, my wife and I held a workshop where the vibrant hues of naturally-dyed fibers and watercolor paints gave brightness and joy to our day! Through our Syrendell Academy workshop held February 27, Jennifer taught handwork techniques in spinning and carding beautiful fibers and yarns in the morning. In the afternoon, I taught curriculum for the second grade, introduced the five spheres of Waldorf education, block crayon work, and wet-on-wet painting. Second grader Tristan had also attended the workshop and created nature-inspired crafts and a painting of his own! Thank you to those who graced us with their creative energy on a wonderful Saturday at Syrendell!

watercolor painting for the crow and the pitcher

block crayons for main lesson book work

beautiful fibers from the drum carder



I wish I could take one of these workshops--seems wonderful!

Angela Mobley said...

oh man, that looks like fun! Too bad I live in Kentucky.

Rick Tan III said...

We are happy to travel for workshops, so let us know if you would like to plan a workshop near you. Email us for details at:

Naturalearthfarm said...

Oh I would just love to attend a workshop like this to learn, create and meet others.
Warm wishes,

Jen said...

The workshops were amazing - I learned so much! I am so glad I made the trip over to attend and I can't wait to come back!