Sunday, March 28, 2010


sabre and the will

Ricky has been with the Hristov-Csikany Fencing Club for about two and half years. He trains in the art of the sabre. There is a gradual and steady building of technique, skill, and strength in Ricky, and he does it with maturity and discipline. His fencing teachers always comment that he is a model student, ready and willing to learn. He is a smart fencer, according to his teachers, using a strategy with equal parts patience, skill, and composure.

In a club tournament that pitted him against his classmates, his hard work paid off. He earned First Place and brought home the gold medal.

So I am proud of Ricky that in his will forces exist the drive to do well, the discipline to carry it through, and the reverence to honor his relationships with his peers, his teachers, and the energy of the cosmos. Did I say I was proud of Ricky?

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suzanne said...

I would be absolutely proud too. Well done Ricky. Aaron has been wanting to fence for sometime now. I do believe it is a sport for him. I look forward to showing Aaron this post.

Have a wonderful day
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