Saturday, February 20, 2010


awakening to a new season

A recently felled tree serves as a tranquil sitting space among daffodils awakening to the upcoming season.

A burst of color from this beautiful bulb signals the fading gray of winter.

The winter season is a time for rest and restoration, where we find solace in the quiet hum of our inner lives. In spring, the hum becomes a choir of nature's children. We lift our voices, restored from slumber, and sing praises of gratitude and hope. The choir steadily crescendos, sweetly harmonizing.


Melissa said...

How wonderful to have such bright and beautiful signs of the new chapter ahead :)

The Magic Onions said...

Yes... they are the best! I so love their yellow love in the Spring... my Gran was called Daphne and my Grampa would give her bunches of daffodils on her birthday with was in March. I know she's sitting on my shoulder whenever I am in a field of daffodils. Thanks for making me think of her today.
Blessings and magic,

Kimmie said...

Daffodils are my favorite flower. Ours have yet to bloom, but they are beginning to peek out of the ground. Thank you for the hint of what's still to come!

LillyZoo said...

We are still buried here but I look forward to beauty and cyclical reminder of our coming daffodils and forsythia. Thank you for your beautiful post.

jessica said...

Beautiful fotos, thanks for capturing that color! It was nice to meet you yesterday at Fig Tree Alley, a little prayer for letting go of gray... :)

jessica said...

Thankyou for capturing that vibrant color!, and the peaceful words. It was wonderful to meet you yesterday at Fig Tree Alley. Tunisian crochet is my new favorite! I didn't practice today, left the hook at the store, but will definitely be making some tomorrow.