Tuesday, December 22, 2009

winter snow

painting with salt

The kids and I made wet-method paintings of a winter scene. Using table salt (rock salt would also give an interesting effect), we sprinkled a bit onto the sky, which absorbed some of the pigment, creating the look of falling snow. On Wilson's, the sky appeared like far away snow-capped mountains - magical!

Wilson, 6 years old

Joey, 10 years old

Ricky, 12 years old

Daddy, not too old


Mona said...

Ah, that was neat! - I'm sure the children will love to try this. I think I have three or four different kinds of salt in my cupboard, it'll be fun to see if they'll make different effects.

We've been painting with water color a lot lately. Sometimes we draw on top of the paintings with crayons(Stockmar or Artemis plant colours) or draw with Stockmar wax sticks and paint on top. Lovely effects as well!

Cat said...

Love it! The perfect project for my 4 yr old and I for later today...thanks!

Ella said...

all of these are gorgeous. i love them - and definitely need some water color tips myself.

Melody said...


Anonymous said...

This would be a great project for my 4th graders who are studying minerals. Did you use oil pastels for the trees? Thanks!

Rick Tan III said...

Hi Anonymous,
We used only watercolors and salt. For the trees, we lifted off the color with the wet-then-dry brush technique, then each kid did their own painting in of the snowy branches. Thanks for visiting! Rick