Tuesday, June 18, 2013

graduation and beyond

DWS Class of 2013

The Davis Waldorf School Class of 2013 graduated this year, June 8. I had the honor and privilege of being their class teacher for three years. I have grown to love them and cherish their soulful ways. While I am no longer their teacher, I hope to always be present somewhere in their hearts. I hope that I had made an impact on who they are becoming. It is my wish that beyond the sunset, they will love and be loved.


cristina pineda said...

Congratulations on graduating your class of three years. Will you be starting off a first grade next? I have learned a lot about what the Waldorf method is through your blog and am curious what will come next for you. Best-Cristina

Rick Tan III said...

Hi Cristina,
Thank you for having followed my blog. It was a wonderful three years with the Class of 2013. In answer to your question, I am returning in the fall of 2013 to pick up our eighth grade students Class of 2014! True, the Waldorf method places a high premium on the teacher moving up the grades with his or her students, but life circumstances don't always synchronize with the ideal. (In my case, I picked up the Class of 2013 after they had three teachers before me - and it was so special in their growth and mine to stay with them for three years.) I keep a positive attitude with taking on the Class of 2014 for one year, and graduating them - we know each other well on campus, and it just means we have a lot of work to do to connect, to learn, and to have a blast! Mahalo, Rick