Monday, January 21, 2013

short stories

the elements of good story writing

Our eighth grade short stories block is combined with our play practice. (I'll post something on our play later.)  The students were introduced to the six elements of story writing:

Point of View

They will analyze what each element brings to the story, and how each are interrelated in driving a story. The students will then write their own short story!

My chalk drawing above is from a photograph of a national park in Canada. A beautiful "setting!"


Cynthia said...

What type of chalk do you use? Those are stunning!

Rick Tan III said...

Hi Cynthia,

I used bits and pieces of an assortment of chalks! There are a couple of newer chalks whose brands I will check when I'm in my classroom. Thanks for the nice comment.


Kelsy Petrykowski said...

Hi Rick,
I was wondering the same thing on if you had preferences on which type(s) of chalk you use. I really enjoyed being in training with you at RSC and it is fun to see updates on your blog of what you have been up to in the classroom. I am taking a 6th grade this year and came across your work while doing some research for my classroom supplies order. Nice to see you and hope we can connect. Be well.