Saturday, July 7, 2012

summergarden camp

crafting and gardening at davis waldorf school

After the school year ended in June, many families may have gone on vacation out of town or shifted gears into a bit of rest and relaxation. Not the Tans. Jennifer Tan is camp director of Summergarden Camp at Davis Waldorf for the grades students. It is a four week program of fiber crafting - spinning wool, dyeing, crocheting and knitting, and paper crafting. The young students from grade one to grade four are treated to morning circle time, singing, and enjoying healthy, delicious meals. Rick, the DWS eighth grade teacher, was in the garden with the students, weeding, shoveling, planting seeds, watering, and tending to the chickens. Ricky, the eldest, wrangled a few of his tenth grade friends to join him as camp volunteers; he likes to help out in the kitchen, when not playing clarinet or drums for the campers. Joey, eighth grade, helps Jennifer with demonstrating fiber crafting techniques, like using the inkle loom. Wilson, third grade, manages to keep up with mommy, and often helps his fellow campers with the crafting. Then there's Li, nine months old. Linden completes the family picture, and is always within arm's length from her family. She helps by keeping us smiling and appreciating each day together.

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