Saturday, December 18, 2010

supply and demand

grade six economics and winter concert

Supply and demand is a relationship. It is about the dynamic balance of what we produce and what we want. During our three weeks of economics, sixth grade viewed the world in this way. The relationship begins with what the earth itself provides: natural elements that through human use become natural resources. From natural resources, we derive raw materials. Raw materials give us the stuff to be self-sustaining. When reliance for survival shifts outside of the self, we enter into barter. From barter develops a more convenient form of exchange, currency. In maintaining mutually beneficial exchange, we discussed value and worth. From understanding the value of things, the theory of economics itself is formed: production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Then the world of entrepreneurship, profit, capital, and interest opened up. From here, we were ready to tackle suppy and demand.

I had deliberately (strategically) placed our economics block just before our winter break. There was no better way for the students to understand economics than to experience it. We created Grade Six Greetings, converting our classroom into an assembly factory. We produced greeting cards with original artwork by the students, and sold them to the school community, just in time for the holidays! Consumers demanded, and we supplied. Lo and behold, we turned a profit!

In the midst of the excitement of our curriculum coming to life, we also had practiced for our school Winter Concert. I wrote an instrumental piece for the sixth grade strings ensemble called Winter Solstice, which our strings teacher arranged for me, and composed a song called Gift of Light, with choreography. At the Winter Concert, the sixth graders were magical, inspiring, and awesome. The audience demanded, and we supplied!

In each of these students, there is a light. It flickers, it dances, it glows, it warms, it shines. The light fills me with hope and encourages me to keep doing what I do. I nurture the light, cup it with a gentle hand when a mischievous wind comes blowing. I keep it safe, let it shine, and it gets brighter and brighter.

Blessings to all.


lisa said...

I would have loved to be in your class when I was a kid!
Beautiful artwork as usual!!!


softearthart said...

Great journey, cheers Marie

earthboysblog said...

Beautiful as always. I enjoyed the watercolor video thanks, hope there will be more.