Saturday, May 8, 2010

gnomes, stones, footlongs

birthday at the river

a peaceful gnome
on river stones
friends of a feather
in sunset weather

eleven in may
a heavenly day
dark brown hair
smiley and fair

the girl grows
the family knows
our love flows
like a river

Joey celebrated her 11th birthday this Friday, May 7. We strolled down to the river near our home. She discovered Subway sandwiches recently and the footlong Veggie Delight on Italian bread with provolone cheese, onions, tomatoes, olives, lettuce, green peppers, oil and vinegar, salt and pepper is her favorite, so we had a footlong picnic by the river!

I had the roasted chicken with barbeque sauce, shared with Wilson.

Joey got a gnome home as her birthday present, and Jennifer needle felted the acorn-capped wood sprite. We watched families of ducks and geese paddle by, and skipped rocks when they had gone ashore to forage.


momma rae said...

looks like a lovely day! i love that gnome home and the beautiful way your family spends time together. ;)

suzanne said...

A happy Birthday to Joey. What a beautiful gnome home..That is just the way I would like to celebrate my Birthday. Down at a river..

Love to you all
Warm regards

Anonymous said...

Lurker here!
Looks like a lovely birthday!

Jen said...

Happy birthday to beautiful Joey! I can't believe she is 11. She is an old soul, for sure and such peace radiates around her being. What a lovely birthday celebration you all shared!

Kestrel said...

I'm so delighted to have found your blog! This post especially really resonated with me. Thank you.