Saturday, January 30, 2010

our bones

physics and physiology meet

The last few days of our physics block with grade eight of East Bay Waldorf in El Sobrante culminated in a discussion about the human skeletal system. I had placed a real human skeleton on a table draped with a blue veil and a gray wool cloth. We gathered around the skeleton, and I felt it was important to have approached the learning with much reverence. I simply asked the students to make observations, prompting them to think about the shape and textures of the bones, and their distribution in the body. We then discussed the purpose and mechanics of the bones and joints.


Lisa Anne said...

Excellent, we are just moving on to Physiology as our Main Lesson. Did you only work on the unit a few days? I have the book "Upright and Balance" and Charles Kovacs' Book "Muscles and Bones" to inspire lessons.

Linda said...

What wonderful blog postings, I will definately have to add your blog to my blog list!

Beth said...

I am bookmarking your blog and look forward to exploring it when I have to sit down at my computer again. Thanks! Beth