Saturday, October 31, 2009

strings and yarn

the best moments of life

Autumn's warm, dappled sun and crisp, cool air drew me, my daughter, and youngest son outdoors to enjoy a joyful moment. Guitar strumming and singing. Knitting. The synchronicity and spontaneity of the soul forces - it is an awesome feeling when the vibrations and rhythms of family, earth, and heaven just hum together.


Kelly said...

A beautiful joyful moment. Peace, and comfort and togetherness and active hands!

Jen said...

Oh I just love that picture, Rick! You are such a wonderful daddy - but I'm sure Jennifer tells you that all the time. What lucky little ones you have...I can feel the power of your soul forces through your passionate words. Creativity is magic and overflowing in the Dell!

suzanne said...

A picture of togetherness always warms the heart. Moments like these are rich. Who needs more than this...Our moments like these, I always teach my children that this is happiness, this is a good life.

Have a wonderful day Rick
Warm regards

Mama Rose said...

It is a wonderful moment to share with one another. I'd like to have more moments like this :D