Friday, September 4, 2009

watercoloring with wilson

daddy and son and butterfly

My son Wilson and I spent a few minutes together painting a butterfly. Using the wet-method painting, we first created the background color with reds and blues. Wilson then lifted the pigment from the page using a wet, then dry, brush where the butterfly would be. He added yellow for the wings, then painted its orange body.

Jennifer is his homelearning teacher, and the letter "B" was one of their letters of the week - "B" for butterfly, and the shape of its wings. Jennifer told him that I would be doing the painting lesson with him, and when I was directing him with his brush strokes, doing it just a bit differently from Jennifer, Wilson said, "I haven't worked with Daddy before." He is so cute!


Tan Family said...

You did a wonderful job with Wilson! I think that I need to hire you as the painting teacher from now on. :)

Truffula Mama said...

Thanks for the technical tips on your wet-on-wet painting - I keep forgetting about *removing* color!

suzanne said...

This is such a lovely water color painting Wilson. I hope you will share more with us. Olivia is also learning her letters and I would love to show her other childrens work of art.

Have a wonderful day
Warm regards